Module 2: My RAY profile

2. My user profile

2.4. Documentation storage

One of the biggest advantages of your RAY Profile is that you can store all your Europass documents, diplomas, certificates, etc. in it. If you are still not aware of the Europass documents and of how you can create your own Europass CV and cover letter, your language passport and skills passport, please refer to Module 1 or to  Europass.

Since you might wish to store as many CVs and cover letters as you need. Please give each CV and cover letter a different name. For instance if you apply for a chef you could have files named “CV_chef” and “cover letter_chef”. When you create/adapt a new CV and cover letter to apply for a bar tender, you will have “CV_bartender” and cover letter “bar-tender”.

You can add to your RAY profile either an existing CV or another document or create a new Europass document using the online Europass tool . Europass will help you create your new CV, cover letter, language passport or skills passport (the skills passport is actually your portfolio). Once ready, save your file/s, export and upload on your RAY profile.

In the “Other documents” field you can store your diplomas and certificates or any other documents you might wish to submit to employers, for instance your Youthpass. All your documents should be either in pdf or in docx format. Please bear in mind the size requirement – each document should be no bigger than 500 KB.

To upload any document to your profile, click on the blue arrow, browse your computer, select the document and then click Save. You can upload several different documents – your CV, cover letter, language passport and then save them all. Do not forget to give names to your CV, motivation letter and your other documents. Only your Language Passport and your Portfolio/Skills Passport do not need to be named since you will not have different versions of these. If you need to update your Language Passport or your Skills Passport, all you have to do is upload the updated file – it will automatically substitute for the old one. In your profile you can save several CVs and/or motivation letters, adapted to different job positions. Make sure you name the different files accordingly to avoid sending the wrong CV or motivation letter to your most desired employer. Before you SAVE the information you have entered to create your RAY profile, please read and agree with the Privacy Policy.

You can create your profile in steps over a period of time. Just make sure that each time you enter new information you Save it. Next time you log in, the information will appear and you can go on editing. Once created, your profile can be edited at any time.