Module 2: My RAY profile

2. My user profile

2.2. My key skills

“Key skills” is a very important field, where you need to describe what your are good at in relation to the position/s you are looking for.  It gives an idea of your soft skills, which make you different than another candidate with the same qualification. The skills listed in this particular filed will help highlight your strong points. Such skills could be: team work, work under stress, resilience, communication skills, good time-management, leadership, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, resilience, approachability, negotiation, etc. Employers value soft skills because they enable people to function and thrive in teams and in organizations as a whole. A productive and healthy work environment depends on soft skills. Bear in mind that this is a mandatory filed!

Helpful! In 2006 the European Union has defined a framework of key competences that all types of education, including non-formal and informal learning, could refer to. In 2018 the definitions have been revised. The framework describes main competence areas that all individuals need for personal and professional fulfilment. The description of the key competences below will help you in formulating your key skills. You can choose from the list below to describe your skills and competences:

  • use of different languages for communication
  • learn a language in various ways
  • time and information management
  • working with others in a constructive way
  • managing conflicts in a supportive way
  • resilience
  • ability to cope with uncertainty and complexity  
  • ability to show empathy
  • responsibility
  • taking initiative
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • develop and express ideas
  • responsible use of digital technologies
  • communication and collaboration
  • media literacy
  • digital content creation
  • use information via a range of digital technologies
  • question available information

  • curiosity and open-minded attitude

  • logical thinking

  • openness to critical and constructive dialogue

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. You can any other skills you might find appropriate.

Source: Revised key competences in Youthpass Leaflet,