Module 2: My RAY profile

4. Five reasons why you should have a profile at

1.  It is a rural area dedicated job search engine! You will find businesses and job offers close by where you live. A territory you know well and you are tightly connected too socially and emotionally, your future doesn’t necessarily have to be miles away from that!

2.  Here you will find CV and personal profile creation support! Troubles writing your CV? Now that will be a thing of the past! On RAY you will access a whole dedicated area featuring tools to write CV, cover letters and portfolios (Europass). These documents will also be stored on the portal, easily accessible to you at any time!

3.  It’ll provide you with some training on job hunt skills! Our cutting-edge online training will provide you with hint and tips on how to write your CV and cover letter, go through a job interview, highlight the skills you have acquired throughout your studies, work experience and other voluntary activities and much more.

4.  The platform features automatic matching with employers! On the portal, once registered you will be able to access all employers profile and see what career opportunities they offer. You will be able to search for the job that aligns best with the skills and experience you already have. All topped up with an automatic notification service, you won’t miss anything.  

5. Database of local businesses is at your disposal! Knowledge is power. The portal will help you discover the business environment in the close surrounding of your hometown. This will help you in understanding the potential of your territory which is useful also if you’re not looking for a job at the moment but might want to start an entrepreneurial project.