Module 4: My job interview

5. First impression

Choosing what to wear in an interview seems a futile issue, but it is not. Dressing appropriately is crucial to make a good “first impression” and thus contribute to building a positive relationship with the interviewer.

1-Knowing the company’s profile

You should look for information regarding the organizational culture of the company, namely if it assumes a creative profile and allows the use of more informal clothing, such as jeans or if there is a stricter standard, such as uniforms or something more formal. It may be necessary to speak to an employee, observe or look for information on the company's website.

2-Knowing the job position

The choice of clothing may differ depending on the position and / or sector, so you should know your duties well. Here are some tips for each style:


  • shirt and tie;
  • blazer;
  • formal shirt and trousers;
  • adequate length dress ;
  • adequate length skirt.


  • jeans;
  • shirt;
  • polo shirt;
  • adequate length dress.

Getting to basics

If it is impossible to discover the style of the company or if there are any doubts, there are basic tips to adapt to any situation.

It is recommended:
  • to use soft or neutral tones (white, beige, gray, black and navy blue);
  • more classic clothes (blazer, shirt, dress pants);
  • dark coloured shoes;
  • shoes without heels or median height;
  • simple and light makeup.
  • very strong colours;
  • exaggerated printed fabrics;
  • deep necklines;
  • excessive jewellery or trinkets;
  • very short clothes;
  • very tall shoes;
  •  heavy makeup.
Appearance and personal hygiene

The importance of clothing was mentioned, which must be accompanied by care for appearance and personal hygiene. It is important to appear at the job interview with your hair combed; clean nails; a good beard length (if the company has no restrictions on that level); clothes without stains or holes, well ironed and shoes in good condition. Try to take a good shower just before the interview, because in addition to taking care of your appearance, it helps you relax.

The use of perfume should be milder.

In short, we all like to feel good and comfortable clothes that give us security also provide us with greater confidence, this attitude can make a difference. And don't forget that what we choose to wear is also a way of communicating with each other, so if the goal is to enter the job market, wear appropriate clothes for the job interview.