Module 4: My job interview

1. Preparing for the interview

Preparation tips
  • Get       as       much       information       as       you       can       about        the        company (industry, size, type of products or services it provides, its organization and operation, type of qualifications, etc.);

  • Reread your resumé and prepare to deepen some aspects (education, job experience and other life experience);

  • Pay attention to the way you look. Clothes (shoes and accessories), hair, beard, nails must be carefully taken into consideration;

  • Prepare the documents you consider suitable to present during the interview (school diplomas or certificates, internships, papers you delivered, recommendation letters, professional certifications);

  • Check the date , time and place of the interview.Be there on time or a bit earlier. Getting late is a cause for being nervous;

  • Prepare yourself for several types of interview. It may be individual or in a group, it may have one or more interviewers.It may be done in a video conference or live.

IMPORTANT: Prepare yourself for the questions that may be asked by the interviewer/s. Throughout the module you will find the most common questions as well as some challenging questions.