Module 2: My RAY profile

1. Registration with the job search platform

How to become an approved registered user

Depending on in which partner country you are, you will be automatically redirected to your local language version. For instance if you are in Bulgaria, you will automatically open the Bulgarian version.

Unregistered users

As an unregistered user, you can search for job opportunities in your area by using the search options and you can look through the list of the search results received. By clicking on each result you will find details on the particular position, provided by the employer. You can look through as many job offers as you need until you decide to apply for a particular position or for several positions. If so, you have to register.

Only registered and approved users can apply for jobs!

Registered users

The job portal requires a simple registration. Note that it is possible to register in the RAY portal with your FB profile as well. Do not forget to agree with our Terms and Conditions.

Please, be aware that by providing the information required you consent to RAY Privacy Policy in accordance to EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)